Pictures of Libya

Here are some pictures from my holiday in Northern Egypt and Libya.
This was a trip organized by Baobab Travel, a Dutch travel organisation I can recommend. The trip lasted from December 12 2003 through January 4, 2004.
We were 17 travelers, accompanied by a Dutch tour guide, an Egyptian or Libyan tour guide, an Egyptian or Libyan policeman and an Eyptian or Libyan driver. We traveled with our own small bus and - in the Acacus - with five Toyota Landcruisers and a Toyota pickup truck for the kitchen.
It was uncommonly cold while we were in Libya, not just during the nights in the desert, but for most of the daytime, even on the coast. That's why you'll see lots of heavy coats.

You can browse my pictures using the index below, or use the map of Libya as a starting point.

Ruud van Soelen


Alexandria Alexandria Rosetta Rosetta El Alamein El Alamein Mersa Matruh Mersa Matruh
Siwah Siwah Tubruq Tubruq Darnah Darnah Cyrene Cyrene
Apollonia Apollonia Al Bayda Al Bayda Qasr Al Libya Qasr Al Libya Ptolemais Ptolemais
Tripoli Tripoli Jebel Nafusah Jebel Nafusah Gharyan Gharyan Kabaw Kabaw
Nalut Nalut Ghadames Ghadames Germa Germa Ghat Ghat
Acacus (1) Acacus (1) Acacus (2) Acacus (2) Wadi Methkandoush Wadi Methkandoush Acacus (3) Acacus (3)
Ubari Lakes Ubari Lakes Leptis Magna Leptis Magna    

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